Friday, 9 May 2008

oh dear..why does everything seem to go against me..have the house to myself a very rare event..i would jump up and down on all the beds but as ive just made ours i dont think ill bother..but the thought is there!!!oooh should i be a devil ahha

anyway went to put a challenge id made up..funny how some you do all the pieces are straight at hand..and others that final piece you need is under a pile..somewhere and some pile????!!?? well thats what it was for me. always!!..then went to take a piccy and the battery needed charging but i hasten to add im hoping ive learnt how to scan and upload form the pc direct..without camera here goes
heres my tag for toppers tags and atc' hoping ive got it in the right order if i go and check ill of probally lost the page..but the link will take you there..unfortunatley its there last challenge its 'use a sticker or peel-off' im so glad some challenges still aknowledge the use of these embelishments certain forums laugh them out of the atc sections whin i find very unfair as if there was no 'demand' for them then why do we get such beautiful choices in the shops...end of me ranting...

anyway this is 'love me love my dog' the sticker was one from a bootiful collection off a sheet by,basic grey,the backing is from a pound shop scrap collection...and the paw a hole punch ive had since about the time we got devil dawg..thanks for looking...and reading!!


SammieJay said...

Love the theme of your tag/topper and also the yellow. Very happy and cheerful. My crafting is usually like your experience.... can't find anythin and worse -just as I stick it down, I find something that would have been better!!!

Love the beach picture, beautifully captured? Is it Yarmouth or one of the smaller places around there? Hope the Norfolk weather is treating you well.

The Cromer Crab xxx

Max said...

LOL at you wanting to jump on the beds.
Love your tag