Thursday, 8 May 2008

well im back..blogging

hiya every buddy
hope you don't think I've found some deserted island and left my ramblings behind..finding an island would be so nice and even better if i could get Internet connections...and a case or two of crafty stash...but I've just not been around as really not had the 'me' time..anyway it was great to get devil dawg to the beach. this afternoon....he couldn't sit cross legged any longer..and a craft day on TV really didn't seem to appeal to him anyway once i tore myself away from the TV.. it was fact gorgeous as we had the beach to ourselves..i love it like that.. but due to the good weather its a rare event the past few days of devil dawg walks..anyway how 'bootiful' is this...also found several 'treasures' even better


Paula said...

Love the sandy relaxing to be by the sea side

Max said...

A desert island sounds good to me.

Your photos are fabby