Thursday, 19 June 2008


well hello,ive finally made a couple of atc's....woweeee i hear you shout...but for me it was so rare not to do any crafting at all,even tea-bag fold a bus ticket on my journey to town...not a sausage ive done...well apart from mum and dads birthday and fathers day here i am,firstly some so chuffed....ive recently won a goody bag off trimcraft...still waiting and muchly anticipating what it quite excited...also today in the post a letter off 'future publishing' to say a letter has been publishe in one of there im assuming a photo of a 'make' ive done too as to be honest it was a while back i wrote to a couple of mags so cant quite remeber what i emailed heres a photo of my pize off pretty chuffed a sif i do ever use them and dont just frame them lol...the orangey ones are one of my fav colours of the moment..and the blue will be so apt on a lo or project on the men in my life

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