Thursday, 19 June 2008


heres an atc that has helped inspire me to get some mojo back,leonies challenge was to use a ticket/reciept on a atc,ive actually used a train ticket as my backing it one of a pair ive carried in my purse since last it was a very rare day out for me with son3 to norwich...he rarely leaves the house let alone the town,we had a lovley time,craft shopping for me and in all the dvd/games stores for him,we came back heavily laden making the most of it...and i cherish the memory of the enjoyment of that day still..i must admit ive not compleley stuck the cut outs on as have to i didnt want to destroy the evidence of our day out completely...sorry leonie


missy k said...

Congratulations on the return of your mojo! and your atc!


a message from gillyflower said...

hi caroline thanks for visiting my blog
so you are doing your own version of the dusty stamp challenge eh

let me know when you make some and i'll pop by and have a nosey
great blog by the way some gorgeous stuff