Monday, 17 March 2008

no photos today,have taken some great ones of taz..but holding on to them for a short time to see if any challenges come up on blogs...thiough am also waiting to make a scrap layout with them,seems to be cards ive been making when ive played latley..cant wait to show these..though lso ive noticed more and more on blogs peeps adding copyright sigs,son2 is working on that with me..well he found out the info amd ran me through the programme,he even wrote it down..but i really just cant get the hang of as soon as hes free well be working on that again...anyway ive had a read of a few blogs latley and sooo inspired by them,and also discovering sites ive never heard of,...i seem to be drawn towards challenges so on the prowl for something i can do later in the week.
ive still my alaphabet challange in scrapping and as i joined in late have three months worth to do..already done in my head..just have to find the 'me' time to to it..anyway will be back rambling very soon

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Max said...

It is always wise to add your copyright to personal photos as there are so many unscrupulous people out in cyberland who will take and use your images (sometimes even selling them) in the blink of an eye and without a thought for what they are doing with someone's property. Adding your copyright may not stop them altogether but it may make them think twice.