Monday, 17 March 2008

evening.....though it could be afternoon or even morning depending on where you are..or when you are reading are reading it arent you?

anyway been busy today but son2 has transfered the internet to the big home pc form son1's laptop so im finding it hard going on sites as its bad enough remembering passwords but now logging in afresh i have to remeber who i am too...(my dear friend tinkers ((x))will no doubt have to come to my rescue at some big thankyou's to her in advance.i really do appreciate the help.)

im sposed to be making brak's im not meanng that to sound like a read it in a jolly are still reading arent you Lol!!

anyway ive made a card for a challenge which i just now have to wait on how i post a picture/photo to another blog!!??? tinkers where are you.heelllllllpppp!!

so heres a photo ive just taken,its evening(did you read that bit?)so quality not 100%
btw it had to be a baby card in non traditional colours..dont know how well they show but the little silver things are teddy charms..if it doesnt come out very clear i will re-take and re-upload appreciate any comments on this one..esp if you really have read this far..x

ohps the card is for

big waves to son2 and dil2b2......apparently they read mumsie how cool is that!!...mind you i will test him at some point just to make sure he wasnt humouring me!!! so more big waves L &L X X


Sian said...

I'm here LOL . I've sent you a PM. If you need help sorting the blog out tomorrow, just give me a yell!

Max said...

Just popped in to see what was happening here and say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
I read right to the end so hope that reassures you LOL!
Your card is lovely and the charms are really sweet.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Hi Caroline - that's fine you've submitted your entry! Looks a lovely card too - thanks for joining in with CMU

Max said...

Hi again Caroline.
Oh yes please do add me to your links ... that would be very kind ... and I hope you won't mind if I add you to mine. :) (I'm a fairly new blogger too and am still not sure of the rules either LOL)