Friday, 9 October 2009

still no mojo but in need of blog land friends

i may be rambling to myself but im guessing well...really really hoping someone out there is reading /listening but anyway im soooooo bores with some forums these days they really seemed to of changed and really not helping me get motivated..i loved doing skinnys but cant seem to find any challenges with them in..the reason for returning to blog land really,i know i ran a challenge blog fdor a while and really enjoyed it but due to an origianl one returning i got some suggestions that i shouldnt be running it (my one) so gave if anyone can point me in skinny direction id appreciate it.
rl has been hectic and very..i dont know the word but totally unprepared for the events/stresses and after stresses...but hopefully im back on track...and returning to find up some dear listeners once again .

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Sian said...

Awwww Caroline. I lost my mojo for ages, and only get it back now and again! There's loads of challenge blogs out there, try some of them. You don't need to make a card, anything will do ;)

Great to see you blogging again ;)