Friday, 25 July 2008

a quick hello

I'm missing my crafting so much at the moment,with 'life' in general .

I'm especially finding it hard to keep up with all my cyber friends so if theres something I've missed i do apologise please don't think its because i don't care.,it really is because Ive not kept up with the news and events in 'chat'.Ive hardly been on any forums for several days now ,and the slow to get in sites Ive just had to completely give up on at the moment though,
and really find leaving it so long it ll be harder to catch up.
i hope to get back to normal (whatever that is...was!!)soon...but its a probable definite I'm going to be as busy still for the next four weeks at least (due to work)...i am able to get round to answer any emails but as Ive said cant guarantee keeping up with news via the forums...sorreeeee

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