Tuesday, 20 May 2008

if anyone has popped on to see if im still around,the answer is 'just',(but thankyou for caring enough to look x),......i really seemed to have had the wind taken out of my sails with the identity fraud,and find it hard to concentrate on much at all....i will get round to catching up with pm's , forums and blogs soon x


SammieJay said...

Well, thanks! What's the weather doing with you today? All of a sudden our local cold wind from the North has got up! I wondered if you had it too. But it seems you have more than enough on your plate at the moment than to worry abt the weather...
Sorry I've not sent you a message. I've had problems keeping up myself with my new job etc. But you are very much in my thoughts.
"Courage" as we say here! Thinking and feeling for you.
SammieJay xxx

Theresa said...

caroline, i hope things are improving for you now. the world we live in today is a nasty place indeed. keep your chin up mate
theresa (from aunty's site)

Max said...

I can't imagine what a nightmare you are living right now and it's not surprising you are finding it difficult to focus on anything else. Take all the time you need and just know that your friends are thinking about you.


Sian said...

Hiya Caroline, I was just wondering when you're going to update your blog ;)

Max said...

Still thinking about you ... hope you are ok.