Sunday, 27 April 2008

made an atc for leonie pujols challenge blog, the theme/challenge is' glitter',as i have such a reaction to it...spots,lumps and itchy bumps ive decided to use my challenging challenge item,that was a tag,then cards .....and. now
an atc so wonder how many the count is at now.....

the glitter is on the stripes its a handmade paper,then on the teddy's bandages,both were 'lakeland' products.

edited-this is use number 7 for this particular tag- cards-atc,now hows that for re-cycling...whats next with it ?....topper,gothic arch atc,moos, this space lol!!


Max said...

Lovely little teddy and just enough glitter to be pleasing.

Leonie said...

Aww, it's really cute - and I agree just enough glitter. Lovely ATC (tag etc etc lol xxx)