Sunday, 20 April 2008

ive been tagged!!! dawne...thankyou!!

now.. i have to tell you seven random things about myself
.......oh will post them really soon,will leave ya in suspense lol!!!

(no really its cos oh had done his back in...and i said i was only nipping up for a min!!!)

1) i used to collect fruit wrappers
2) i still have my very first teddy and hes still muchly loved.
3) i would love to go to rome but reality check am determined though to get to paris and 'see' mona lisa
4) ive never been abroad
5)im coming back as a sea-gull in my next life
6)i hate mirrors
7) i love meditteranian colours.

now i have to tag five other peeps..



Jane said...

Cheers Caroline...I think :))

I have done it!

Sian said...

Thanks Caroline!!!!
Done my part (just got to pass it on)