Tuesday, 25 March 2008

my goodness i have been waiting for over an hour for my printer to run of some backing papers!!!no idea whats going on..ittll prob wait till son1 wants to print off revision and run him off several sheets then..im sure hell appreciate four sheets of tulips..or maybe five..i get so impatient i keep pressing 'print'!!
also a bit fed up as a site i ordered a tilda stamp off over a week ago (and i paid too)have decided to send me an email today to say they havnt got her...the one i ordered...and should have them next week also a mini book i ordered they cant find and as they are dicontinuing arent getting more in!!i defnatley wont be recommending them on my blog...if i do itll be in a name and shame section!!not a happy gal tonight as im sure i had the chance to order her on dear emmas site at sassy crafts..but as i thought she was on her way didnt grhhhhhh
anyway as im giving in and calling it a night i will be uploading on my day off,ive now made three sets of moos..im still waiting for some confirmation on 'rules' on these things..also a skinny,for the 'women at work' challenge....one set of moos and a atc for the hats hats hats challenges..i will list all sites they are for as soon as i upload..im so tetchy i know ill mess up and lose everything if i attempt links...but im sure the skinny..is for skinny saturday..blog is listed on here..and the moos also on the challenge blog listed here..ill also ipload,im a ladee challenge which once completed i realised it was over!!! but will still 'show and tell'it here...so have been busy...the floor and desk are proof...well if you could see them they would be lol!!
well thanks for reading...waves to all my mateys sorry ive not emailed anyone tonight..will make up for it very soooon right think its a cuppa and pj time and just hopw we dont get anymore snow...was outside at 6.30 again this morn helping oh clear it off the car brhhhhhh

oh ive also done the wednesday stamper challenge but im afraid ill be late with that as in the blog deadline but ill still upload it anyway as im coinsiding it with my scrapping alphabet challenge,im doing/done the letter 'c'...of course!!......so lots to upload and show very soon

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Max said...

Sorry to hear you have had such a frustrating time ... I get impatient with our printer too ... it does nothing for ages and I think it's on the blink ... then end up with 20 copies of something when I only wanted 1 LOL! Hey ho ...