Thursday, 6 March 2008

its thursday and my day off yaayyyyy

somehow that will mean im busier than a working day..always have so many things to catch up with and with sea-gals long suffering oh still doing diy in the kitchen theres plenty of dust to re-arrange...but one good thing we are buying shelving the weekend so will mean once up more boxes can be cleared from the spare room..was craft everyones storage getting so near to unpacking more stash,,,some been packed away since nov time!!!

son1 and dil 2b are in london for her birthday,,off to the tutemkhamun (spl),then phantom of the opera tonight,terrachotta army tommorrow they are so envied..well not envied nastily but id had a brochure out for a few days working out budget this and budget that and me and oh could possible 'do' london...son1 came round and within half an hour hed been online made and paid for all his bookings and was all arranged...ooooh to be young...(and in a well paid job lol)

ive some uploading still to do..also some cards to make..havnt even made a start on easter ones yet...where does the time go..anyway thanks for reading my ramblings and hopefull within next couple of days theyll be more to 'see' on till then....take care x

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