Monday, 10 March 2008

i am well and truly pleased with some money for mothers day to buy 'something crafty' kept pondering sites/books to see what i could get...then had a real inspiration a magazine subscription so its something thatll last (and be a present to look forward to each month)so i subscribed to 'crafts beautiful magazine' as i get so much inspiration with so many crafts,also i get some crafty goodies as part of the subscription so 'fabby doo' im so excited...son1 will be pleased to as he knows me too well knowing money thats given as a gift on 'occasions' always go 'on the house' and thsi time i had stict instructions to spend it on me...yayyyy i could do cartwheels but will refrain as it wouldnt be a pretty effort!!


Sian said...

Good for you, I'm glad you're getting something for yourself for a change. And your birthday is coming up soon ;o)

Jo said...

Great idea Caroline! I have 2 subscriptions and I love them!