Tuesday, 12 February 2008

well somehow i lost what i just wrote so trying again,

had been telling some forum friends about the gorgeous colours in the sky the past few evenings so when it was time to taz walk i decided to take the camera with me down to the beach..while i was tryong to get a few shots..the pics really doesnt do the colours justice..what did i see peering at me...rhe photo make it seem a distance away but it was only a few yards!!guess where i will be same time tomrrow!!


Sian said...

Doesn't Taz (that is Taz?!) look lovely in the wind, great pose! I know what you mean about taking photos of sunsets etc, they look great with the eye, but I just can't seem to capture them with the camera.

Jane said...

Gorgeous photos and how cute is your dog Awwww!