Friday, 22 February 2008

hello(waving excitedly) to so glad you found where im hanging out these days..well thats when i do get time on here...for anyone reading who are 'wondering' of my dearest u.s. friends have left a comment...robin is one of a pair....shes a fabby friend called chris...i met them through a atc trade..i had a pm off one..cant rem which way round it was now...but one pm asking to swap an i agreed then i got another pm asking if id trade with there 'friend.'.. not that im anti- but for some reason i assumed one was male..then with the next pm thought yeap defnatley...but then i assumed they were a 'couple' omg its a typical caroline did i feel when i found out they were female best did i feel..pretty silly!!!! it is something that oftem makes me typical of me.

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