Thursday, 21 February 2008 fork prongs bent,two spoon handles bent (no weve not had a visit from uri geller..i was opening a varnish tin!!)...and a broken heat gun later...ive made a challange from my dear friend vonxy today...she'd sent me an oversized peg and i had to do something with it...well as we are re-doing the kitchen....since boxuing day!!! thought id make something to go in there as we want it less cluttered so ive made a memo has a big magnet on the back so can go on the fridge/freezer/boiler or has a small hole in one side so can be hung on a hook on one of the cabinets...but with my track record today of damage ive caused wont even dare go near one of a sea-gal suffering o.h,'s newly varnished cabinets.
also thought id include a photo of sea-gals suffering o.h's latest 'finds' one big stone type bottle which at first we thought was an old fashioned hot water bottle..a couple of days later what did he find...yeap two complete old hot water quite chuffed as he finds lots of bottles.... bits of clays pipes...but these are really something so will defnatley be a 'feature' in our new kitchen..

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Jane said...

Love that memo peg, and those bottles were a real find, they look superb on your kitchen worktops!