Thursday, 28 February 2008

hello its thursday..a day off which seems to mean im busier than when i go to work..its been a funny day..lots going wrong as per usual..i wonder if its the world..or if its me!! anyway i can now upload some piccies of something i made over a couple of days,i had a matchbox challange to do..but as id already done shrines wanted to stretch 'me' to do something else...anywa ta-dar.....a mini photo album...i had such an apt are my sunshine.....its photos of exactly that 'my sunshine'-what makes me,'me' parents,partner,sons,pets(well most of them)as if the terranchlor ever escaped itd be the hoover not a butterfly net id be chasing it with,anyay back to my matchbox..also a piccy of a seagull i took.and my beach inscription in the sand....for those of you who dont know my story of a seagull i will tell you that on another 'ramble'

anyway the other photo is a 'challange' to use i used watercolours a first!!

then a picture of my work space....well its somewhere under be tidied very be continued.thankyou for taking the time to visit i do hope you come back soon

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