Monday, 25 February 2008

back again...eventually,this was supposed to be a daily 'thing'...anyway firstly must say 'hi' and 'thankyou'( im waving too) jane...a lovley lady who has sent me a pm on how to edit..thankyou so much also for taking the time to visit my blog and read...i thoought it was lovley to be given some advice..(fraid ive not got round to 'editing' yet...but will so many thanks to jane,im sure anyone who visits and reads will be in much apreciation to,as itll save the guess work of what the 'odd'(literally) word is sposed to be!!

at the moment im working on a challange..which is really got my brain at it..

but also..... i had a lovley treat friday....a lovley bunch of daffodils were waiting for me when i went to visit mum on my day off....i rarely get flowers so was rather pleased and they look gorgeous in the kitchen (which is still in progress of being 'made-over') make me feel spring is really here and all the flowers are coming up etc....

long suffering o.h of sea-gal has been busy up the alotmment this past hoping to get up there to see 'my gals' very soon...and hope to take some photos as we are trying fruit out this year as well as veg.

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